Unbearable Emotions

There are lots of things that really bothers my mine. And I’ve really been wasting my time I guess of overly thinking about it. Some situations that you just wanna murmur it to yourself than saying it frankly to that person concern. I just don’t want to hate for that because I know I will find some answers too soon. Because God never fail to answers those questions at the right time. And He always saved me on that moment that I felt so down. Am always thankful for that. Yeah, honestly, am really been suffered on this unbearable emotions, i don’t feel comfy at all. #sigh

My week was been so good I guess, just usual. Was able to surprise my bestie’s bf of a oreo mousse cake for their monthsary and hope she’s really delighted. Been a personal delivery girl for months now since they’ve been together. I am just so happy for the both of them. Was able to read Fifty Shades of Grey, though am not still finish reading its book 1. Been meeting my bf’s relatives on my surprise and am flattered of how they really like me (i guess) and been eager to be part of their family (maybe). Oh, yeah, speaking with my bf, his birthday is really coming and I don’t know what to give as a birthday present. i know my kisses are enough for him but you know it needs some sort of material thingy to make it more special as ever. It would be his first birthday that we were together. Looking forward for that.

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly. I’ll do what it takes til’ I touch the sky and I’ll make a wish.Take a chance make a change and breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

I guess that’s all. Thanks for reading. 

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