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I am always so glad whenever somebody drop by on my blog and send me message of appreciation or merely just sending me anything. Well, indeed, bring more sunshine to my gloomy and busy life. Whoooouu! And I do apologize for late replies that left you guys hanging. 

Anyway, nobody confronts me though but I was just thinking about it. Excuse me if I wasn’t been that good on putting words or if I put sentence together wrong but for as long I spill my thoughts, express what I feel and write anything that comes from my heart, I guess that’s what matters most. 


Today is our special day. 15th day of Month. My Romeo sent me a message last night, greeting me on our monthsary together. Just so sweet of him to greet me in advance and to remember though. I love him so dearly and I just can’t imagine life without him. I am getting used to it that he is always there for me, though we are miles apart but that’s no big deal anyway. Long distance relationship is one of the best relationships I know and it’s really sweet that two patient hearts that are willing to wait to see each other again and its really worth it! I love the thrill. 


I just want to clarify something too. My blog is not purely a fashion blog. It’s a lifestyle or personal blog mainly. When I post reviews and outfit posts here, it’s part of the random things that I posts here. 

So yeah! Hope you guys are all doing good today! Stay awesome! xoxo

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