The weather was so cold and its really raining outside. I enjoyed lying and cuddling myself in bed. I didn’t noticed the time and I really hate myself after that. I need to rise up early because me and my friend are going to sing on the church at around 11am and I woke up at around 10am already. How is that so? I quickly ran going to the bathroom and had my quick bath. There are alot of things coming to my mind and I felt so disturbed. Rushed to prepare myself, no time to eat my breakfast and walked quickly even its really raining. I need to travel for around 12km and ride public vehicles three times to get there. Luckily I just arrived in time. Uhmmmm. About 6 minutes before we will going to sing. If I wasn’t able to arrived that then, for sure my friend will really be upset. Gaaaaaaaah! I am really shaking! 

By God’s grace, I didn’t forgot the lyrics of the song and was able to sing well. So the title of the song that we sang awhile ago is Flower in the Rain. This is a gospel song sang by Jaci Velasquez. I really love the message of the song. I can’t seem to upload the youtube video here so I just upload the audio for you to listen it.

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