The Emeralds

For those who don’t know,

When my friends and I, started Emerald Singers in 2009, we had no idea that we could really be going until today. We had planned to commit this ministry for over the years. Well, the Lord has really that good plans for us. We did concerts and sing for the glory of the Lord on other random events. 

But you know, struggles, obstacles, quarrels really happened that really broke this strong bond of girls cannot be controlled. It really sound so bad and you know I just can’t really hide the sadness that i felt when slowly, someone did separate in our group for some reasons. For whatever reasons is that, I know its all for good. 

The group is still existing til now with 2 other girls and me. I sing as tenor, my two other companions sings alto and soprano or melody.

I really miss this group a lot! How I wish we could really be seeing each other again pretty soon, to sing once again as a group and be praising God on His name!

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