That Summer Feeling

Warm breezes, rays of sunlight, relaxing by the sea. Regardless though technically it wasn’t really a summer season then, but in the sense that it’s a bit sunny day, such a good time to relax after the hard days of work. My wanderlust takes me to endless summer feeling.


Salagdoong Beach Resort, Maria, Siquijor, Central Visayas, Philippines


Want I Wore: Hat: Momma | Dress: Te Ems | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Yesterday (10.20.2013) my Romeo and I went to Siquijor Island to celebrate my father’s birthday and of course such a good time for me and my boyf to spend time together. I will tackle more about our adventures days later I guess. Anyways, Siquijor Island is such an splendid island, white beaches and great resorts, caves and its living myths, beliefs and wanders. Went to every towns actually and I so love the adventure!



I really love the scenery and the people I am with. My family and boyfie.


I am really lack of sleep, so I guess this is enough for just a little update of my weekend. 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you like it! xoxo

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