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  • Playing Dress Up


    Happy first of June! Finally, it has arrived! “June is now my daydream in its sight so near. Of dawn’s twilights deem, that surrounds now here. Moon’s now in sleepiness of a darkish winter song. And…

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    Life Lately

    I feel like I’ve been losing my focus to blog about anything lately, maybe I am just that preoccupied of everything and many things just happened to me but then, I really…

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    It’s a wrap for my 2013! A collage of my favourite outfits so far and I couldn’t be thankful enough for all the blessings and for the overwhelming support and everything that…

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    Recent Haul

    I am not really sure if its worth to be called as “haul” because I just got this three items but then, I am really excited to share/post these stuffs here.  When…

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    Just a quick update

    I never had so much idea about how i can change something in my blog, i mean, the layout, with its form, or i just don’t have ample time to change everything…