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  • Playing Dress Up

    Florals Azala , Just a day

    How’s everyone doing? I’m having a boring but productive week so far, just the same ordinary days with my Romeo most of the time. As you could guess from my lack of posts,…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Casual Day

    Do you ever have few moments where it seems like the world is just against you? When everything won’t fall into place and it is just a hell kind of day. I…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Two Zero One Six

    Today’s post will be my first for 2016. 2015 has gone so quickly but really it has been a special year for me. Many things had happened and I thank God for…

  • Playing Dress Up

    A Day with Cluse

    My random outfit choices clearly reflect how badly I miss going to the beach. I mean nautical stripe pretty much show you some evidence that I really do. I quite missed the…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Just Basic

    With so much things in the closet, rethinking other ways to wear an item is a must or to let older pieces get tucked away without reusing them.  These days I’ve been…