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    I’ve been tagged! ♥

    So I was tagged by my two lovely friends here named April and Desiree. This really sounds fun. HAHA! Oh well, some questions are hard to answer but I will really try my…

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    Mon week-end avec amour

    That title above means “my weekend with love”. Hahah! Just simple as that. I always love weekends not only for the reason that I can have time to rest out of those…

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    Colors and Wishes

    Howdy everyone! Yeah, I know its been awhile that I haven’t been posting formal post lately. Been so lazy and I honestly? I need some inspiration to continue blogging. I gain lots…

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    I consider it is though

    Some sort of like that. Carnival rides, travel, coffee break, rainy days, kisses and cuddles. photo not mine, reblogged only is not hundred percent it is. It was such a lovely…