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    Describe Blogs – Part I

    So here you go. I will start this post for the first five blogs in a list. Hope you could also visit their blogs because they are all worth it! feelingsikath (thoughtsy-thoughts)…

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    What’s in my bag?

    I guess this one, is the most famous topic that I’ve seen so far ever since I started blogging. It’s not really a new topic to tackle about but it’s somewhat interesting…

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    Just a quick update

    I never had so much idea about how i can change something in my blog, i mean, the layout, with its form, or i just don’t have ample time to change everything…

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    Whoever you are

    Somebody messaged me anonymously awhile ago, I don’t know if I consider that as a hate or not or just tend to be frank of what he/she feels. And I would rather…