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  • Playing Dress Up

    Casual Day

    Do you ever have few moments where it seems like the world is just against you? When everything won’t fall into place and it is just a hell kind of day. I…

  • Playing Dress Up

    White Lily

    “Look to the lilies how they grow!” ‘Twas thus the Saviour said, that we, Even in the simplest flowers that blow, God’s ever-watchful care might see. ~ Moir, Lilies. Hello dearies! After a long…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Afternoon Light

    When I feel like my life has been stagnant, I like to close my eyes and travel back to when I was really having a good time. My travels and those people who…

  • Blogging

    Dress for Day and Night

    Who doesn’t love mix and matching their clothes? I myself enjoyed experimenting my garments altogether. But sometimes, we don’t have much time for that. Work makes us busy and other errands limit…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Longing for Sunshine

    I don’t usually veer towards a dress that brings so much attention but I am pretty excited to wear this white crochet cutout maxi dress that I got from Lookbookstore. Featuring self-tie crossback…