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    Random Facts about Me

    I thought it’d be nice to post something like this since I got few messages asking to state some facts about me and I don’t like to keep them hanging and for…

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    I can’t decide of which prints to use so I end up wearing them all. The result? Oh well, way retro outfit look. I am really look so different here so I…

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    Kiss Mark

    When I was in search for a site that offers or caters free or sample items to possible customers I found this site named SampleRoomPH. Yeah! I really do love shops who…

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    12:35 – Alone

    So silent it seems to be, deserted as you could see and the wind blows so slowly. Afraid to be alone but neither needed a clone. Don’t know what to do if…

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    Let me be your Paramour

    The weather here is so unpredictable. There are times that it rains so hard for days and suddenly, the sun shines so bright the next day. So I guess this sweat shirt…