Playing Dress Up

Somewhere Only We Know

Since I came to visit Siquijor Island I have been in awe of the white beach sands and lush greenery surrounding over the place. It was really a bright day so we revel ourselves on the beach, took some photos and enjoy the scenery. 


click the photo above or here for high-res photo.

I’ve been here twice or thrice I think and that was few years ago but I still precisely remember seeing it for the first time and thinking here is an awesome place where I could sit for hours, meditate and catch myself daydreaming at the same time. I love bringing myself to this kind of place, #tbh.


I wore my crochet top from THBoxes with this sarong from my brother’s gf. I actually borrowed it from her because at this moment I am just shy to wear my really short shorts because my parents was around. Sunnies from ZeroUV and hat&shorts are both from Thrift Shop.


Just playing around. Haha! My younger brother wanted me to catch this hat for funny reasons. He is bigger than me! LOL, we are about 4 years gap I think?

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