So happy at 25. ♥ (Silver Pink Birthday Celebration)


Heyya! Sorry for being away for awhile, I was on the hiatus state for a few days because I was really busy for almost a week, not just because of work but because I was preparing my silver birthday celebration. Silver because I was turning 25. Just that simple. It is really hard to prepare your own event and you are damn limited with resources, so maximum budget effort was needed on that moment. HAHAHA! From the venue, decorations, cakes, foods, program and participants? Oh yeah! I accomplish almost of that alone but thanks to my Romeo and some part of my friends on helping me a bit and of course to my Family on their all out support. So yeah! I will show you a bit on what are those things that I was been busy about. Sorry if this post is quite long. Apology is needed. HAHA


So here it is! The result of my hard work! My own party. I am planning for it for such a long time and I am really so happy that I really made it and it was successful. It may not be perfect but it is just right, with the person whom I shared this moment with. Without them it couldn’t be more memorable as it was.


So, on this photo as you can see, I was escorted with my dearest Romeo on there, he was really so shy all throughout. Hahaha! He finally met half of my friends and family. And you know, it couldn’t be complete without him. (─‿‿─) ♥.


Photo are a bit smaller in here. I can’t post a lot since it will be a very long post if I did, so in case you like or interested to view the photos that are also related to this you can see it here.

Many was asking why my birthday celebration at 25 was like a debut party. Actually, one of those reasons was, definitely because it doesn’t really happened to me for I was or we don’t have that capacity to raise something like this. My parents was not wealthy so I can’t demand them and I really don’t want to demand, being them as my parents was been a great blessing to me already. So I waited and started to plan for my own party with the expense of my own and yeah I asked some help for it to make it possible. Life was been so tough, really tough, so I decided that if ever I reached that point that I can, I will go for it. Yeah, it takes me years and I believe it was not too late for me to do so. Age 25 was just the right age for me, more legal, more mature and can handle myself more. 

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