Roses are blue

So, as I’ve promised to my friend from somewhere outside my country, I will post this one for her and hopefully she’ll be able to see this one. I wasn’t able to keep in touch for quite sometime now because of some country communication barriers and I really do miss her. 


Flower Crown: DIY / Crochet Top: THBoxes / Short: Thrifted / Satchel Bag: Mixmi / Pumps: Forever21


When my crochet top from THBoxes arrived, I am really so excited to wear this one to show how adorable it was. I love the design, its just really girly.


Many was wondering why my satchel turns to color turquoise when it was color peach last time. Hahaha! Of course, I have another one with the same design with my first one. It was from my fave shop Mixmi  Please do visit this shop because they are selling lots and lots of designed bags that you will surely love.


Hahaha! Alright guys, don’t laugh! I am pretty serious standing right here. (─‿‿─)



I made this flower crown by myself for the second time and I truly love it! This is pretty easy to make and if you are planning to make one for yourself, there are some tutorials over the net. 


I would like to personally thank my photographer here named Denniz Futalan and my MUA Nimer Atis.


I think that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and sorry for making this post quite long. <<apologies>>

Hope you like it. xoxo

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