Random Facts about Me

I thought it’d be nice to post something like this since I got few messages asking to state some facts about me and I don’t like to keep them hanging and for some to get to know me better.

  1. In my teenage years, I used to draw anime characters or letterings to earn a little sum of money and I guess its pretty wise too earn some. 
  2. I love singing, my passion, though I don’t have that such quality voice. I sing tenor in our group and we used to sing for all occasions (e.g. weddings, birthdays and etc.)
  3. I’ve never been an athlete. I am really a weak child way back then because of my asthma. But I know how to play some sports a little bit like badminton and volleyball.
  4. I’ve been told of most of my school days that I am too childish. I just can’t control it and being me is much comfortable than to act who I am not.
  5. I can fold my tongue and I can blow bubbles with my saliva. (ew! ahaha) 
  6. I do love fashion but I am much comfortable wearing the comfiest clothes that I could wear.
  7. I have a pet named “Lupin”. He is a Japanese Spitz dog. I couldn’t barely hug him more often nowadays because I am really allergic to animal hairs. 
  8. I really love photography and I am some kinda particular on photo editing. I and my boyfie own a DSLR camera (conjugal property. LOL), sony cybershot digicam, instax and i have lots of photo editing tools and apps. But for some reason, I am more as a subject rather as a photographer. LOL
  9. I celebrated my debut that moment when I turned 25 because I wasn’t able to when I was 18. I prepared everything literally by myself, from the venue, program, food, decors and etc. but of course, some good friends, my fam and bf also gave their support and contributions.
  10. I like the smell of gasoline.
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