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la-etherealscintilla: Hello! It has been 2 weeks already since I’ve followed your blog, and I really just can’t get enough of how beautiful your pictures are. And I’m just wondering, what camera are you using? 🙂


Hello there too lovely! Ow, thank you. I used variety of cameras actually depends of what is really available. Mostly I used my Sony Cybershot for my product reviews. When it comes to outfit posts I used Nikon D5100 of which I and my bf owned it personally and sometimes Nikon D7100 or Nikon J1 of which I lent from my friend.

Answer for patriciathepanda:

Thank you for your appreciation sweetie, its so nice of you. Ow! If you can’t really find it over my blog you can also go to this site: tumblr.com/follow/loveelisha . The alternative way that I know how.

chasinghopespluslife: What’s your title blog font?


I used “Dancing Script” for that one lovely. ❤

ariane9Hello, Miss Elisha 🙂 I’m one of your many followers (and fans!) and I love the way you express yourself through fashion. You’re one of my inspirations! 🙂


Hello there Ariane! Ow! Thank you. And don’t think I did very good on that but I am doing my best whenever I put/post something in here. It’s just so nice and overwhelming to know that you and some of my friends here really appreciate it.  ❤ So flattering.

chasinghopespluslife : How do you edit your photos? Can you teach me how to do it? What are your settings? Your photos look so creamy. Please -________-


I always use photoshop cs5 and photoscape on editing my pictures. I adjust the shadows and highlights then put some curves on it with 50% opacity, put some gradient fill, color fill (light red) and then make it sharpen and deepen. And I also use some presets from Colors and Wishes. Just that. (^◡^ )

raawrmeanscutecuddlyHello. Just want to say you have the prettiest blog ever. I have never seen a theme as pretty and as neat as that. Did you do it, or somebody did it for you?


Thank you so much lovely! Hahaha! How did I do it? Just tweaking it on my liking. ❤

missdesireemademoiselleHey Elisha, your blog contents just keeps getting better and better everyday. 🙂 You really do look like a professional model. 🙂 Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to your dad, God Bless. 😀


I dunno what’s wrong with my tumblr ask but it seems something just not right with it because I didn’t see any notifications that I have a message. So sorry for the late response. Anyway, Yay! Thank you so much deary! Your compliment really means a lot to me. Hahaha! Just sporting some products here from my lovely sponsors. Happy Father’s day to your dad too. God bless.

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