10000 Roses Cafe

I know this place might not be new to you since many bloggers/influencers already been sharing about their experience but I just couldn’t stop myself to blog mine as well. It is undeniably the most visit place by now after they were making a huge buzz on facebook, according to Sugbo PH blog. Been there like 3 times already since it’s quite near from my second home, Cordova, Cebu. Still, many people flocked there to witness the beauty of 10000 illuminated roses garden that shines brightly at night time at the cafe’s front porch.
Actually, these flowers are their selling point and located on both sides of a concrete path leading to the cafe. As you can see it looks so dreamy and magical bed of 10000 roses. They are made with cotton & plastics and about 3 feet that literally planted on the ground with so many small wires connecting to it.

We first went there like three days before it’s scheduled opening but quite open to the public for viewing. We arrived like late afternoon already and a perfect time for sunset shots while we are waiting for the flowers to glow as darkness strikes.

It was quite windy at that moment and flowers sway on a beautiful manner and I was really fascinated! Too beautiful and romantic that I couldn’t help myself posing there because we can’t deny it of its really instagram-worthy place. Continue Reading

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Casetify – Unicorn Pastels

I love phone cases and with so many ways you could style your phone nowadays, I always seem to be looking at new ones! I got the chance to grab my one case from Casetify and I super love it! You could actually design your own custom case but I opt not to. Since I found the case that I’m eyeing for so long and fell in love with it! I chose Glitter Case Floral in Unicorn pastels and truly delighted for such a lovely case.

But in case you want to design or create your own case on Casetify, here’s a simple step of how.

a. Choose your device! Since they are also offering cases for apple watch, ipad, macbook and android.

b. If you choose Iphone, choose what kind of case you like. It could be either classic grip case or wallet case.

c. Choose what kind of layout you wanted and choose the photos or text you want to add. You could access your photos on Instagram, Facebook or on your computer! They always make sure that it’s convenient to you and save your time!

You could view more about the steps on designing your own here:


It may seem a little pricey to you for a Casetify phone case but I’m sure that it’s really worth it! The quality of the case would never let you down as well!

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Pillars | My Blogging Routine

I know some bloggers really like to have a routine whether posting once a day, once every other day or once a week! But for me, it’s more likely opposite. I just write whenever I am inspired to write anything because writing every day is pretty tough for me. It’s quite challenging to produce great content day after day and I feel like my brain is blowing or draining! Haha!Reading other blogs is one of the best ways that you may be inspired to write fresh content on your blog and I absolutely love blog hopping! As bloggers, we all do have different personalities, limits, and skills on how we exert our energy and to arrange our time. So don’t force yourself to do the same with someone’s blogging routine because it may never work with you as well.What’s important is that you’re comfortable with your blogging routine that you can stick over it as a long term and not that one that we leave you burnt out over the week or month. Also to have a life away from blogging because sometimes getting away from it helps us to be better at it!

WHAT I WORE: Top & Leggings: Forever21 | Chequered Long Sleeves: H&M | Watch: John Taylor Watch | Necklace: Thought blossoms | Shoes: Primadona| Bag: Louis Giorgio | NYC Cap: Thrifted

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John Taylor Watch

My JOHN TAYLOR watch has finally arrived and the kind of timepiece that I got is the Noosa. I have mentioned a few times already that I’ve been building my watch collection for quite some time. And I’m really grateful that have another one to add on! Obviously, I love watches, every man or woman does because they never go out of style. Most of my watch are very versatile that I know it will surely goes with any look. And few of them are also into classy, minimalist and elegant at the same time.Anyways, John Taylor is a watch brand owned by Dan and Anoushka from Australia’s South West.  Their brand name was inspired by Dan’s grandfather John who served in World War II and Taylor is their daughter’s middle name. Their legacy was important to them that the brand would always be associated with quality, a passion for life and would blend fashion and style together.  You could also read their story and the cause of the watch HERE.

Their watches are named after six of Australia’s iconic beaches: Noosa, Bells, Byron, Bondi, Whitehaven, and Cottesloe. Well, again I got the Noosa and absolutely the perfect addition for any occasion with its charm, beauty, and expression of who you are. It is inspired by the coast and a statement accessory that stands out in all right ways.

DETAILS: Casing: 316L Stainless Steel Bezel | Movement: Swiss Quartz Movement |Size: 43mm case size | Water Resistance: 5ATM (Light Splashes/Moisture) | Strap: Interchangeable / Genuine Italian Leather | Strap Length: 114mm / 75mm | Leather Width: 20mm | Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal Lens

Have a look around, we hope you enjoy what you see! Come on the journey with us and let’s live the dream with John Taylor watches!   ( Dan and Anoushka’s tone )


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Skin Routine with POND’s #ChangeIsBeautiful

Today’s harsh environment is too harsh on your skin and soap is not enough. Revamp your skin care routine with products crafted by the experts from POND’S!Did you know that just spending 10 minutes outside can trigger 10 of the toughest spot and darkening problems? With this, take your skincare game up a notch with the innovative solution from Pond’s: the Pond’s White Beauty Spotless Rosy White! It has VB3+ technology that helps fight 10 of the toughest spot and darkening problems including sun spots, pimple marks, dull skin, and acne scars among others.

Are you ready for a beautiful change? If you think about your skincare rituals from 5 to 10 years ago, the basics were able to keep your skin clear and well-hydrated. But if you take a closer look at our environment now and analyze what our skin faces each day—like pollution, harsher UV rays, and stress—you’ll realize that these basics are no longer enough. Today’s Filipina is in need of modern-day skin care solutions that can keep up with her ever-evolving skin needs and on-the-go lifestyle. “This is why the Pond’s Institute’s recent innovations revolved around developing and improving our formulas,” says Apples Aberin, Unilever Head of PR. “Pond’s wants to evolve with the modern-day Filipina. We want to show her that there is no need to be afraid of the ever-changing environment because Pond’s is rising up to the challenge and changing with the times.”

Everything Beautiful Begins With Change

With the NEW Pond’s formulations, the power to change your skin into something beautiful is always in your hands. The secret lies in looking for the ingredients and technology that your complexion needs at each stage of your life. Take a look at the NEW and improved Pond’s Acne Clear, Pond’s White Beauty, and Pond’s Age Miracle ranges, specially formulated for today’s modern woman.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Pond’s kit on SampleRoomPH and let’s enjoy the skin care game! The kit contains the Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream with SPF18 PA++. It’s infused with Retinol-C Complex that helps reduce wrinkles for a youthful glow. For your acne problems, there’s the Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foamto help you out. With its Lock + Clear technology, it penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root.

Enjoy your Pond’s kit! Upgrade your skin care game #ChangeIsBeautiful! Hope you will also share your experience as much as I love it too!