Playing Dress Up

Florals Azala , Just a day

How’s everyone doing? I’m having a boring but productive week so far, just the same ordinary days with my Romeo most of the time. As you could guess from my lack of posts,  I’m pretty busy with my current job online and some other stuff behind the screen life.WHAT I WORE: Dress: H&M | Bag:  FromBlank | Watch: John Taylor | Slides: AzalaPH

Anyway, there are few things that I couldn’t get enough with and two of those are florals and pastels! They are just a perfect compliment to every woman especially when it’s printed on clothing and how feminine you are wearing them.

If ever you have the chance to drop by on my instagram @iamelishabeth, you will surely notice that I obviously loved them. I am always on a search for nice floral dresses and I found one from H&M and I paired it with my fave slides lately from AzalaPH.

I guess that’s everything for today’s post. xoxo



Favori Scents

Been awhile I know. I haven’t blogged for almost 2 months because I was actually adjusting myself with my new job.  I had a hard time and I need to study some of the things in line with it. Good thing that even though that I am stocked inside my room most of the time working online, I got these scents from Favori. It honestly helps me boost my mood and feel so relax over the day without going to the spa. I am just so glad they sent me one of each Favori New Aroma Collections, Premium Reed Diffuser, and room&linen air spray to try on.I am supposed to blog these scents the moment I received them but I think it’s much better to try it first before sharing it with you guys and truly without a doubt they are one of the best products that I’ve ever been tested so far. I had like 4 Favori scents – bouquet floral (romantic), rain dance ( bountiful), jasmine (comforting) and sunkissed citrus (zesty) and I keep on smelling them coz they smell really good. But right now I’m obsessed using my reed diffuser in eucalyptus scent that comes in a stylish glass bottle and my air spray that I’ve been using almost daily.You know guys. if you’ll visit their online shop:, you will see how affordable they are and just like me you will surely crave to buy few more products from them. You could visit their shops on these branches at Glorietta 3, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM City Marikina, Market! Market!


Playing Dress Up

Denim and Floral

I’ve been eyeing for a denim jacket for a quite some time, something that is quite lighter for our kind of weather. A versatile one that whatever I wear, I will still look chic, casual and relaxed with it.  I guess, I just found the right jacket for me from this local IG shop that I could wear year-round.  This actually my first time to wear a denim jacket for an outfit and I love it!

WHAT I WORE: Jacket: Clockhouse from (IG) | Romper: Thrifted | Bag: Romwe | Necklace: Thought blossoms | | Shoes: Primadona | Fur Pompom Charm: Thefurfactory

I also wanna suggest that if you’re choosing your jacket, make sure that it will surely flatter your figure somehow. I also don’t want jackets that are too structured and hard because it may seem quite uncomfortable to wear. Also, I like those ones with great vertical seaming for a lovely effect on whatever style I might pull off. Continue Reading

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Dorado of MVMT Watch

Hello, lovelies! Been so long! ^^ It really took me more than a month to blog again! Many just happened and I keep on adjusting on things that are new to me! Anyway, you know that I’m a watch collector for a couple of years now and it’s pretty obvious again that I truly am.  My collection has ballooned to more than a dozen hypoallergenic watches and owning them from different brands that I worked with. It wasn’t until I venture myself on blogging that I really started venturing into watches.

This is actually my third timepiece from MVMT Watches and still, couldn’t get enough with this brand. Their watches are designed and crafted to complement all styles that you will truly love! MVMT seeks to keep watches simple and affordable while still making a statement with their look.

I got Dorado model from the MVMT Nova series and I super love its look! The case is made up of brushed rose gold stainless steel and the dial is in color white. It also has rose gold hands/second hands and markers. The strap is 100% genuine leather in color gray and you could change the strap whenever you like! It would be leather like or metal like straps. Continue Reading


10000 Roses Cafe

I know this place might not be new to you since many bloggers/influencers already been sharing about their experience but I just couldn’t stop myself to blog mine as well. It is undeniably the most visit place by now after they were making a huge buzz on facebook, according to Sugbo PH blog. Been there like 3 times already since it’s quite near from my second home, Cordova, Cebu. Still, many people flocked there to witness the beauty of 10000 illuminated roses garden that shines brightly at night time at the cafe’s front porch.
Actually, these flowers are their selling point and located on both sides of a concrete path leading to the cafe. As you can see it looks so dreamy and magical bed of 10000 roses. They are made with cotton & plastics and about 3 feet that literally planted on the ground with so many small wires connecting to it.

We first went there like three days before it’s scheduled opening but quite open to the public for viewing. We arrived like late afternoon already and a perfect time for sunset shots while we are waiting for the flowers to glow as darkness strikes. It reminded me of the golden era from The Glass Knife.

It was quite windy at that moment and flowers sway on a beautiful manner and I was really fascinated! Too beautiful and romantic that I couldn’t help myself posing there because we can’t deny it of its really instagram-worthy place. Continue Reading