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I already posted about this dress few weeks ago already, if you ever noticed it. I have been posting few outfit reviews last time and from few days ago till now I don’t have sufficient time to do some shoots again. Life is just constantly busy because of work and some errands. 

So yeah! What’s these pictures all about? Uhmmm. I was really surprised that I saw myself, my picture on this site HERE. Ow I mean, I went to this site few days ago if the price of this dress really went up but unexpectedly not the price caught my attention first. Hahaha! The thing is that I really look so horrible and funny at the first photo that showed up!



It was such a great honor for me though its not really new for most of you of something like this but I am just overwhelmed that I accomplished and yeah, all efforts are not useless. 

I am really not good at it honestly but I am really trying my best. Sponsors are really inspirations to do well every time I have outfit posts or reviews. And some persons behind it are so kind and supportive.

This dress was from Udobuy by the way.

Anyways, kinda view these sites: HERE and HERE

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