“Okay, here’s what I was talking about submitting to you. I wanted to draw yesterday and some how or other, the girl I drew ended up looking like you, to me. So then I was like, "hey, why not add in the boyfriend?” Ahahaha. It’s silly looking and I couldn’t get the lighting exactly how I wished, but I hope you like it anyways! Woohoo~ Hooray for anime >u<“ – AJ – Littlewishingwell

Me: How could you? Nyahahaa! You are too sweet! You really make/made some silly things by surprise! You just made my day complete, you know that? Me and my Romeo was talking over the net. I mean, we had this video chat moment with each other last night and I made such silly faces and everything and my bf seems enjoyed it. Everything just seems so right. Hahaha! Ok, I will tell you about something, i will just send it through private message. Oh hey! Thank you for this! Hooray for anime it is! I think I also owe a sketch for you! Got no time to draw. Huhuhu! Anyway, this sketch is really cute, so cuteeeeee…. Hahaha! I so love it really. Wruaarh!

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