Off to rest, birthday, tantrums

I was being test by some random misfortunes that really screwed up my being. I was uneasy to move, overly think to find for an answers to all those questions of why those things happened, crying deeply inside but still trying to smile for somehow soothe this pain I am experiencing inside of me. It was never easy.

My body is shaking, scared of what might be the result of my actions in the future, bothered from the problems that am still into now and left me so unstable to everything until at this moment. I was never question our Almighty for such because I know things happened for a reason and He never give us problem if we really can’t handle and carry it through but it was normal for a person to act this way. My mind always said that it will be better off soon but my body is really weak to take some actions. Oh please! When will these uncomfy tantrums end! Its not healthy for me anymore! It just hanging up me always staring our office and house ceiling and I just wanna sleep and hopefully when I wake up, things are immediately fine.

I was caught by a fever last few days ago and resulted me for not being able to get online and not being able to go to work for days. I need to see the doctor afterwards and to prescribe me for medicine to take because my headache was unbearable to handle and give me such uncomfy feeling and want to sleep the pain away. I undergone some random test like blood test, urinalysis and x-ray. Results are just fine except on the platelet result part that gives me low rate there and the swollen of my sinusitis. Gladly, the prescribed medicine given by the doctor did really working well and I feel much better now.


My boyfriend was able to celebrate with me on his 25th birthday last September 22nd. We don’t have the grandest celebration held since we don’t have that lot – some credit to spent to and I have lost thousand lately because of some unexpected slash fortuitous event occurred last few days and month ago. But then, it will never stop us on celebrating on the most special day of my someone’s life on such a simple ways I know how. We just went to church and went malling to eat and to roam around to celebrate. Thank God for the additional year that He give to my beloved to be with me and to his fam as well and to thank Him too for all the upcoming birthdays and blessings He showered for us. We don’t have cakes but we have pizzas to share with. I gave Alcatel Android phone to my boyfriend as a birthday present and hopefully He really love it.

Well, I am so thankful that he (bf) is always there for me though he even don’t really understand my actions sometimes but yeah he is the person who is willing to understand what I’ve been through.

Even if I really feel so weak today, there is still this positiveness on all things that challenge me.


I am bigger than anything that can happen to me. All these things, sorrow, misfortune and suffering, are outside my door. I am in the house and

I have the key.

I will never give up and let all these things lift unto God for help. These things are just trials that I should face.

Yeah, basically that’s a bit of my week. It doesn’t gone that well.

Thanks for reading~

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