Never ending thoughts

1. Something just bothering me all the time and hardly do have peace of mind. Or I am just afraid of what future holds? I just can’t really ignore thinking about it even how much I will sink into my mind that the present is more important to tackle about rather than busy thinking about the future.

2. I am overly not productive this days, I just consider myself as one. I have so many things in my mind that I should do but too lazy to do it or not even any determination to do anything.

3. Its so unexplainable why I consider myself not productive even if I do many things all the time at work, or I am just so tired of my situation right now. I don’t know if somebody would understand if I will tell anyone. 

4. I hate pitying myself. It’s never been good.

5. Answering unknown phone calls all the time, when I got to say “hello” but suddenly drop the call. I got two to five times almost everyday. I am wondering who is that person fond of playing around with that.

image image

6. I am friendly I know, but if ever we are not that close enough just don’t intimidate me. I am not comfortable dealing with it but I am trying to be good as always.

7. I still not done reading those novels I should need to read. My eyes are really tired after doing lots of work loads after work. 

8. I just want a simple life. I always dreaming of complete happenings.

9. Everything has its own end and I think I need to end this posts! Hahaha! Thoughts are never ending, it runs just unstoppable. 

On the side note,

By the way I got that cute artwork above on Kelly Murray’s Blog, such a talented person. I had a plan of purchasing that long before but its not sell-able in our country. So sad.  

I was able to tweak a little of my theme here and change my body font! It looks more adorable, I guess so.

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