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Before I die, I like/love to...I’ve been thinking to post about this quite some time already but I don’t have that chance to list down for my own life list. I saw someone wrote her/his life list really really awhile ago but I couldn’t remember who that person was. Well, anyway, someone dropped a message on my last post a while ago named Ann (I think?) of Knowanns informing that she is hosting a link-up entitled "The Bucket List Goes On by Anns". I really like to participate since it drives me now to jot down some things I could think of. This is really interesting. 


click picture above for high-res photo.

There are lots of things that I really wanna pursue, that I am dreaming of and something to look forward to. So, here are they so far.

note: ☐ Want ☑ Done

☐ Travel the world with someone I love.

☐ Go to Paris ❤ in connection with #1

☐ Sit on the roof top with my Carlo. I find it so romantic though esp. when it’s night time while chasing the starts and the moon.

☐ Learn to swim. Such a shame that I dunno how to at 25. 

☐ Learn how to drive a 4 wheeled vehicle.

☐ Look amazing on a bikini.

☑ Get featured. 

☐ Experience snow.

☑ Road trip with family and Romeo somewhere.

☐ See myself on a glossy page or on a billboard.

 Dye my hair.

☐ Iphone 5s/ gold.

☐ Ride a cable car.

☐ Someone could write and sing a song for me. Except for the song that AJ made for me.

☐ Build or run my own business.

☐ Build my own house with a lovely garden full of plants/flowers/tress.

☐ Own a car.

☐ Get married.

And will update more sooner. Haha!

TBH, I just want to spend my life to the fullest with someone i love, with my family that supports me all the way and with those friends who are genuinely caring for me. Life is really short for us to worry things instead stay happy and enjoy every moment that you have right now. #thinkpositive

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