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I feel like I’ve been losing my focus to blog about anything lately, maybe I am just that preoccupied of everything and many things just happened to me but then, I really enjoyed the sweetness and bitterness of life. Owwwwh! HAHA! I love this roller coaster ride! ❤

life lately2

It’s been a month and few days that I wasn’t able to blog anything decently. After that sponsored posts I couldn’t blog anything or I just don’t have anything to post about.  I kinda missed blogging, really missed it, for a couple of years, I’ve into this enjoying the privilege and gaining some friends from other side of the world and been an inspiration to some.

Uhhhmmmm. I’m taking time to get to know myself more and more, taking more time analyzing what I really wanna do in my life, loving myself more and be strong for myself. HAHA! That’s more than usual.

Went on a hair treatment and decided to cut my hair lil bit. But wasn’t able to dye my hair for some reasons though.

For about 4 years of long distance friendship, I finally met my friend Keren, plus his boyfriend, plus his cousin plus my bestfriend. HAHAHA! ツ

Went somewhere with my closest friend though the weather is really not that good but we still managed to enjoy the day.  For now, I couldn’t imagine my life without this person.

Holy week? Spent time with myself. ♫♪♭♬

I finally met him, the one that used to make me laugh and thought that he was there for good – without any expectations at all. Though I felt a bit uncomfy that I just don’t know how to open a conversation with him that moment he’s not feeling well. How awkward was that?? HAHA! Well, after all the things that happened to us, all I wanted was to see him in person and that might be enough. I just can’t bring myself to hate him.

Went to Santander, Cebu with my parents and friends to visit my grandmother and got the chance to go to a resort nearby and enjoy the scenery and the pool.  No choice, I need to wear my bikini. AHAHAH!

So, yeah! Life lately has been good. Keeping myself healthy and fit. Taking risks, making good and bad decisions, loving life because life is really short and I don’t want missing out on anything now.

Have a great day everyone! ✿ ☼

PS: I am more active on my instagram account: @iamelishabeth so you can also follow me there, mention me for a follow back. And I will tweak and edit my blog soon, just that I need ample time to do so. HAHA! Need to change some details as well. ~Chao!

“Spend your life doing strange things with weird people.”

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