Leave some Flowers for when I Wake

Been away for awhile I know. It has been couple of weeks already that I haven’t able to blog about something and keeping myself quiet for a moment. Also, I’ve been thinking so much things lately and errands that constantly keeping me busy – real life has taken over . I know, I owe so much stuffs to posts here and yeah, after this semi-hiatus thingy for weeks, hopefully I could blog more, December is giving me such a busy life indeed. Once again, so sorry for the lack of updates!


Anyway, I am in the midst of roller coaster ride life, deep thoughts, worries, intense feeling and the like. This is life. You fall in love. You fall out of love. You fall in love again. You get bounced out of love. You fall in love one more time. You crash in flames! THIS IS LIFE!!!

Shit happens for so much reasons and that spark you are carefully holding unto just faded away and you just can’t easily get it back to what was that supposed to like. I miss the feeling.

Hopefully, I could posts more decently soon. Hahaha! That would be really sooner I promise

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