Late Afternoon Pastel

Definitely had a great time roaming around the city with my Romeo and my friend Aloja few days ago. It’s really been awhile since I never got the chance to be with them. Aloja took my outfit posts last time and for the first time my Romeo took this one.


We finally managed to stroll around sidlakan place to snap some pictures while the sun is still shining. We don’t have such decent kind of camera to use, so we need the light of the sun as alternative of whatever of it. Hope you get what I mean by that. Hahaha


I am wearing my corset here and my high waisted short that I both bought from thrift shop. I so love them not only because of the design and its because its really affordable. 


I also wearing this pink doll stunna clear glasses and pink casio candy watch from Juanita Banana Shop . You can find more cute and adorable stuffs but  on affordable prices on her shop so kindly visit.


Then my heels? I called this no heel platform wedge, and its from Mags. I really love the style of this one. It really looks lovely! Hahaha! I am really happy that I got one for my own.


And I think that’s all for my outfit posts for today. This is one of the most unforgettable shot that I had because my boyfriend took these patiently. Hahaha!

What I wore: Corset: Thrifted | Short: Thrifted | Glasses: Juanita Banana Shop | Watch: Juanita Banana Shop | Wedge: Mags

Hope you like it! 

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