Just pretty busy

Not because of my day to day activities, my work loads and errands but because I am quite busy preparing my upcoming birthday celebration and giveaway. This would be my first time to plan for something more special and quite grand on my day of birth. For those who don’t know, I will be turning 25 this coming February. Yay! I am getting older but more wiser I guess? Hahaha!


photo not mine, all credits to the rightful owner.

So I need to prepare lots of lots of things, need to call all of the participants, guests, need to budget things, need to talk to emcees about the program and over all about it. This really stressing me out, it keeps bothering me all the time but leaves me happy and excited. The event is quite special so I decided to have motiff colors. So, I think pink and silver are quite good, since pink is basically my favorite color and silver for the 25th thing. I hate thinking too much really but I need to prepare to make this thing possible. 

I also be making my first birthday giveaway, I will be posting it maybe on weekend and hopefully you guys will participate. I would really be glad if you do so. 

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