It was such a lovely and productive day!

It was such a lovely day and the sun was shining bright. Oh, i really love this day and many things happened that I really do appreciate whether its way big or small. I slept quite late on that Friday evening because I was making something for a friend who celebrated her birthday on the same day, that I really adore much and who happened to be as one of my inspiration of my blogging journey. I am trying to draw a figure, that I wasn’t able to do for such a long time since then. As much as I love to draw same of the feature of this girl was but it seems so tough to do so. Ahahaha! It was the first thing I wrote on my newly found fave notebook that I bought days ago. The printed cover of this notebook was Eiffel Tower and with adorable pages on it.


The product of the figure that I was able to make was like these images below and I know it was wasn’t good enough though, I am still recovering my skills out of this.

I adore anime, manga whatever you call that, since I was on my elementary years. If ever you ask me something about those, I maybe can share something. I am really fond watching them. 


When I wake up this morning (saturday), I feel the sunlight hurting my eyes. I covered my face with a blanket but it doesn’t help though. The sun was shining so bright, I need to be out on my bed and start prepare for church. Yes, go to church for I wasn’t able to go last weekend because I need to take over my boss’s place because he needs to go somewhere.



Just a side note:

On my surprise I found out that this lady named Lydia who owned the Eerie-Silence blog followed me!  Ow! The feeling was so extreme and I just can’t explained how happy I am.

Its an achievement on my side that no one can ever take that on me. Lydia was been on my arts and inspirations tab since then and just like her, it gives more than inspiration on my blogging and its really a big deal on my side. 

After church, I was out on a date with my lovely anak anakan named Esther on a coffee shop named The Bean Connection. The place was quite famous in our place I guess. We wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday on her day so we spent time together on Saturday afternoon. 

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We talk anything under the sun. I love this girl so much that I even treat her as my daughter. Yeah, she loves blogging as well and she was among the reasons why I happened to like blogging.

Oh yeah, I think its pretty much for words. Aahaha! Have a nice day everyone!

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