I don’t want to live in a world where you don’t exist

I admit, I didn’t cry when he left me when he utter the word “goodbye” and set himself to get home. I can’t afford to kiss him goodbye… I just can’t. I have to go through all the sadness and loneliness when he is away, I can’t stand it. I suddenly miss his presence. Urgggh! I just couldn’t help it!

My boyfriend is now getting back home to the place where he is really residing and working for years. That’s the certain thing happen everytime this candid moments of ours end. Time really flies so quickly and I guess I just need to be thankful for the time that we spent.

Goodbye for now my love. Looking forward to see you again soon. I will really miss you a lot. My nerves is now gettin’ use on your presence and I need to adjust again and again on your absence.

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