Hello Décembre! – Short while ago/ Sponsoring a Blog Giveaway

imageI can’t certainly begin to tell how fast the year has gone, it has flown by and before we realize it, we’re in the month of December! Months past was both amazing and struggling but on the midmost it has been amazing. Many just happened really that I myself are surprised about it and gladly surpassed them with courage. December, the month of lights, snow and feasts, time to make amends at tie loose ends, finish off what you started and hope your wishes come true. And we also not forget that we are celebrating for the birth of our Father, Lord Jesus Christ. So as how God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. Anyways, I don’t expect much about December but I am looking forward to have an awesome one, I am just excited of the events that are coming, need to prepare myself for those and I guess I will start to make my virtual gifts for my over the net friends. We agreed to have our exchange gifts pretty sooner. Ehehe! 

How was my week slash weekend so far? It’s pretty good. Things are just on the routine, nothings really new about it. I am sort of busy at work lately because my boss was leaving out of town for about two days because of business related issues. So I need to handle some ticky jobs as well.

image imageHow’s my weekend? Been so good so far. I went to church and my group was being invited to sing for a special song. It’s been a long time since we haven’t singing on church because we are on different lives now and some went to other places for work. I just really misses the group that we made so long time ago and I really wonder when we can meet again. And after church we gone outside to eat our lunch and went to mall to freshen ourselves because it was really so hot because of the sunny weather. And on the next day, Sunday, I just went to office to keep myself online since I haven’t been online for awhile and on that evening, me and my brother went to watch a pageant. Yeah, one of my bet won on that evening. I can’t stop screaming! Ahahaha! We went home so late as 12 midnight already.



I am sponsoring a giveaway at this moment for you guys and it was already featured here on LACEYFASHIONISTA’s blog and the items you can see below:

image imageimage image

i. Roman Collection Vintage Notebook with printed pages on it of different cities in Europe, ii. Fancy Two Hearts Necklace and iii. Cute Jewelry Case.

This blog giveaway is open for Filipino residence only (sorry for those who are not, can’t afford to ship it way to far). To join just follow the mechanics here. Powered by Rafflecopter. Enjoy guise!

Ahahaha! This post is quite long. Apologizes. Thanks for reading

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