Happy 565th Days with You

You, you put the blue back in the sky. You put the rainbow in my eyes. A silver lining in my prayer and now there’s color everywhere. You put the red back in the rose just when i needed it the most. You came along to show you care and there’s color everywhere, everywhere. (Color Everywhere, Youth Asylum)

photo not mine, but edited somehow

I searched for a calculator, scanned through the calendar, calculate the days from the days we’ve been together til on this day to come up with the exact count of five hundred sixty five daysヅ ♥ Oh, I really love this day, just a normal day but somehow a bit special. Though we are not together right now to celebrate, but yeah we are both happy that we come this far. 

Our relationship started from a very complicated situation, full of uncertainties because everything going through can’t be handled anymore. Somebody just broken my heart into pieces and I am searching for strength to face it. Having emotional nights and cry yourself for hours. Suffering some kind of heartbreak and some kind of loss. And its not really easy. 

Then, suddenly, I feel happy, and he must be the reason for that. He brings such wonderful thing that made my life different that I never expected to be on that way, to be on that moment. But yes, just like other couples, staying in love is a different story. My boyfriend is not that sweet in words but I know he is so caring and thoughtful, loving in his own way. He is not that man who brings roses to his love to make our relationship appear more presentable, as much as I love too. And I am not expecting him to do so either because its his first time to be on a certain relationship that he could admit, its more and more formal than before. And I really love for how he learned and still learning from me and to me, vice versa.

How sweet is he for greeting me in advance after his work? Hahaha! Anyway, got a message from my Romeo, its a bit long! gawd! on the day of our day. 

He never used to do this stuff so I am really so glad (really big smile  (¬‿¬)) that he sent me this one. Sorry for the typo, its a mere text message. Lalalalalove it! <blush>. But we always text each other of course, some sweet messages as a couple but not really like this so meaningful and adorable.

So, to the one that I am sharing this moment with, I am so so glad that God give you to me, that you came to my life at the right moment I need something to lean on. Although not all things are going to work out the way that we want to, we fought for some reasons but we overcome those that determines how strong are relationship is. Thank you for the love that you are giving me and reminding me of that everyday, for the joy you are bringing me and I am always be grateful that I’ve found you, the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I LOVE YOU and I have so much love to give even more. 

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