Giveaway Winner (Birthday Bash)

So I already came up with a winner! Oh yeah! Its about a month long giveaway in celebration with my silver birthday. And I really wanna thank everybody who joined and I appreciate your effort on doing those mechanics. This would not be the last giveaway that I will be doing so duncha worry, I will not be tired of doing it for you guys!

So, how I picked the winner? Oh! Its really made easy and possible by Rafflecopter. When your giveaway is already at the deadline, it will show you there actually then you’ll click Add a Winner then it will automatically give you the result or the name of the winner. So easy right? 


As you can see, Frances Tan is the winner! She will be emailed shortly anyway! Congratulations! 

If you know her guise, please let her know. I need her personal info. Thank you and have a nice day everyone!

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