For the love of grendha – after that long wait.

Allait-il comment mon jour à l’heure actuelle? Just a bit of a sad and lonely mood, urrmhhh, but I am still happy. Just that I am just been disappointed of something and it won’t take long I believe. Je serai bien, je sais. I am the girl who loves to stay in bed awake late at night, loves to answer late night calls with Romeo and love to wake myself late in the morning. 

So I am also the girl who loves, flip flops, slippers or anything flats that I am comfortable to wear for my not so beautiful feet. 


The other day I bought another pair of Grendha slippers for my collection of different brand, whether its expensive or not for as long as it is comfy to wear. That is really what matters most of choosing what to buy. I like the shade of its color and the style actually, overall, love how it is made of its kind. It’s something that you can wear for all occasions. If ever you like to have one, you can Grendha site or Zalora sites. By the way I am not advertising this kind of product I am just sharing it though.

After that long wait. This woman named Lily and the owner of the personal blog named reinesque followed my blog back. And I am really so glad that she really did.

She is one of my inspirations or my fave blogs in here (personal), so someone like her followed back is really a great pleasure. I am really so grateful! Hahaha! Well anyway, I have lots of fave blogs in here and I will be going to post something about them sooner or later. 

(Just out of this topic post and I will going to share it.) Sinabi ko sa sarili ko na hindi ako magrereply sa mga text nya at hindi ako sasagot sa mga calls nya as a punishment for being disobedient. Pero eto ako ngayon, sumagot sa tawag nya. waaaah! This little things called love nga naman. #sigh

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