Flower in the Rain

imageI don’t know how to start this post ‘coz I am quite down for a couple of days, ‘quite’ means not that really, for the fact that I am still getting the positive portion of this dilemma that I am into. I am not completely feeling well, emotionally. But I am still trying to feel good and hopefully I can handle all this things. I believe its not that big to be worried about. I am confuse, in doubt and troubled, that’s the best words that i can describe how I felt for the past few days. I don’t like to hate a person, even though deep inside I am. I would rather keep it on myself for as long as I can. They are not worth my tears but sometimes all you have to do is to shed some tears to soothes the pain. There are those persons that even you know them for years but you are not still comfortable being with them. And even you don’t like them to be around but you need to face it because you need to and maybe get used to it. (that photo above is not mind, fyi.)

For the update of the typhoon that gone through our place, it really destroys some of our infrastructures, trees and plants, no electricity and I heard over the news, that some are lives were losts. The wind really blows so hard that moment, and some people decided to evacuate. But so far, its going good at this moment and we are still recovering on the incident. 

Anyway, would like to share this messages from my lovely readers and viewers down here and I know it’s quite a bit late for me to post it but please bare with me. AHAHA.

missdesireemademoiselle asked you: Honestly your blog makes me feel in heaven every time I visit. It’s such a beauty and your images and you. <3333

ahahha! that too much appreciation but i love it! <flattered>. if it really was i am glad that it is. my blog is just too simple I guess, just tat i love colors that lighten my blog. 

rosesforlove asked: Happy 565th days to you and your bf. The text he gave to you is sooooooo sweet and i hope my bf could do the same. Wishing the best for both of you. Take care of each other. :’) 

ow love! thanks for this wonderful message. yay! he is not really sweet though but you know, i dunno what’s driving him to text me that way. LOLS! anyway, thanks one again! you take care too.

imperfectionemptiness asked: Hey Beth! Glad to read another great post!! Have a great thursday! xoxo

Have a happy thursday as well too! ahaha! thanks for dropping by lovely! mwaaah!

I think that’s all for today, I am still not feeling totally good, except on that picture above that it doesn’t seem fits my ending statement. AHAHA

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