Playing Dress Up

Floral Sunday Morning

Obviously my love for floral prints remains uncured and I am really really find it so adorable to look at. Somehow any form of floral print on clothes enchant me to a point that I catch myself craving to wear one every time I post ootds and/or reviews!


First time ever that I showed photos of me that I bun my hair and to be honest, I am not comfortable at first but I wanna try something else other  than my “lugay” hair. Heehe! I really love the shade of my hair, I can’t get over it.




I had doubts of wearing this dress at first since I felt really awkward because I am just outside our house and our neighborhood might be wondering and they are not used to seeing a girl seriously posing and taking pictures. So yeah, also I am not that comfortable with having an audience everytime when I have a shoot but I guess I should slowly learn how to ignore people in times like this.

What I wore: Floral Dress and Shoes: Joyce of NotebookofDreams (twin sistah ganda from other mother) 

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