Eyeglass with Pink Top

Happy Easter everyone! So, I could not think any title for this post since I am really having this extreme headache today. I really don’t know if its because I am just having a hangover from the trip? dehydrated? or from the noisy sound outside this building. I was gone for awhile since I really had a busy week. Then, I was surprisingly visit my Romeo in there place – it was unplanned visit and its really awesome short vacay, thanks to holy week break. I will maybe post something about it sooner. 

Anyway, I got a parcel the other day and I decided to post it today. I really love this items so far. I just mixed and match this outfit and hoping you will like it? I am not extremely fashionable, honestly. So please do bare with it.


I really do love this Brown Ombre Round Glasses from Young Wild Free. It’s really cute, isn’t it? Its really big for my face. Haha!


So, how about this top that I am wearing? I got this Stylish Lace Patch Long Sleeve from ShopThisEasy. I love its style and definitely, I really do love the color.


Oh yay! Caught in the act. While I am busy doing something here? I just decided to post it anyway. I just look so innocent here. Trololol.


I think its perfect to wear some accessories to balance the look and it doesn’t really look plain. Actually, I got these bracelets from the small stores in Mactan Shine in Cebu. I bought this for around 10-20 pesos only and they are made from corals and shells. 


What I wore?

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