I really like to get out of this place, go somewhere, anywhere, where I can see things new to me. Not because I don’t like this place or the atmosphere around here because I already happened to believe that this place is the best among all the wonderful place that I’ve been to and I planned to go to. It’s just that there are things that you can’t handle enough and no matter what you do it’s just can’t. No matter how you deal so good to anyone, they are just the same persons that put you down, discouraged you and underestimated you. Though I am sick of it but I still need to face it. Things aren’t that easy anyway.

My day to day lifestyle is really plain simple. Wake myself up every morning, prepare myself to work, work and work by then, ride back home and sleep. Do things that makes me happy but then there are a lot of things that what my heart really desires and it’s really complex.

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