Playing Dress Up


Happy first of June! Finally, it has arrived! “June is now my daydream in its sight so near. Of dawn’s twilights deem, that surrounds now here. Moon’s now in sleepiness of a darkish winter song. And stars are all leap less in skies of fall and long. ~ Peter S. Quinn


Dress: Sheinside | Bag: Mixmi | Shoes: Primadona | Flower Crown: Choies


Whatever I have been feeling within the past few months I think is akin to confusion and I can’t barely describe what its like and to even speak it out but, me myself, am surprised. Work has been taken up so much of my time, I haven’t reached any other places except with that Camotes Escapade where am going to post sooner here. I’ve been ignoring emails and neglecting this blog and I sincerely apologize for that.



Today, I leave you with this outfit post that we took with a friend, Denniz Futalan – been my photographer for years now. ヅ . I really love this dress from Sheinside, such a darling on it’s own with its pastel colour lace fabric and its characteristic of enhancing its wearer’s affable disposition somehow works for me since I am awfully, awfully timid.



P.S. How are you all doing? It’s really been awhile.

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