Clouds are like cotton candies in the skies.

A couple of days ago, as I went to my Romeo’s place. I was totally amazed when I looked up at the sky!  


So very much reminds me of cotton candy floating in the sky which wrap the sun in a misty shroud and they look so soft and battered thick. Cotton candy clouds, wondering if they felt like cotton candy or better yet taste like cotton candy then if my tongue were long, I’d give them a lick. You would think my day’s goal was a waste to crave the most impossible taste. That would make it even more glorious.

Through the wisps of God’s given cotton candy clouds I saw the world how beautiful it really was. Calm, sincere and so much at peace. The kind of world that each of us are craving for inch by inch.

Have you ever wished you could reach up into the sky to break off a bite from a cloud, because it looked so puffy and delicious, like some cotton candy?

Always be amazed lovelies!

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  • Reply Molly September 16, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Sometimes, i have the same feeling with you. Your article is really good!

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