Changing my photoblog theme.

For those who are not aware that I had one, yes I do have a photoblog. It was actually the first blog that I had made before I had this personal blog. Did you know that, this is my second time to change my photoblog theme for almost a year of not changing it? Meaning I never change my theme since the beginning. Hahaha! I seldomly change theme mainly because i had really got hard time to change everything. Need to search a lot of sites to look for something prettier, niter and more organize theme base code.


So for you to picture it out what’s my new photoblog theme looks like, i posted I screenie above. ⇈ There you go. (•͡.̮ •͡ ) . Another reasons that I don’t always changing my theme really because I don’t have so much time to organize everything, the links, the codes that should be place where it should be. I am a bit awful of codes all the time. But yeah I am more particular of its color palette and what shades of color to use. So the only that I’ve been doing is by just tweaking and tweaking it on my liking. But yeah, its new year, its really time for change, so I decided to change my photoblog theme for a start.

So whoever are interested to see my blog, here is the direct link: http://iamelishabeth.com

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