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Playing Dress Up

  • Playing Dress Up

    Casual Day

    Do you ever have few moments where it seems like the world is just against you? When everything won’t fall into place and it is just a hell kind of day. I…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Floral Sweet Vibe

      Few things that could make me a tad happier, is like having floral printed skirts or dresses on my outfits. It encompasses both feminine and sweet vibe along with other simple…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Pop of Gray with Nicole Vienna

    The weather is just dreadful and I hope it will get better during the weekend. Like we really a had hard time on taking good shots nowadays because most often it was quite gloomy. Such…

  • Playing Dress Up

    ShopSimara Fairytale

    The Lost Princess. Didn’t you love reading or watching about princesses when you were younger? Like you wanna be one. Despite of how good or bad things are, sometimes you can take comfort…