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    Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 01

    Since I am really struggling of what to blog about and I didn’t have decent post from the beginning of 2016 aside from my outfit and product posts; I decided to join with…

  • Playing Dress Up, Thoughts

    Keep Things Light

    I love the feeling of bliss I get when I do small things for myself.  Like treating myself with a cup of tea, sit and just ponder. Watching movies on cinemas while eating my…

  • Personal

    Random Facts About Me Vol. 2

    I thought it’d be nice to do a post with something more personal for you to get to know me better. The last time I did this was exactly 2 years ago…

  • Thoughts

    The Uncomfortable Soul

    “We like to pretend that high heels don’t hurt our feet, and that we always look as good as we do when we’re wearing make-up and our prettiest clothes. We like to…