But hey,

even though it’s over, please remember that you have touched my life in so many ways.

i was stucked into a relationship before, that wasn’t ended so well. we’ve been together for 5 years that then. oh, well, let’s not talk about how it was ended but uhmmmm, pretty soon. i will. i am just thankful that even if it went not to be that good at all but he left me stronger and better person. forgiveness set me free, yes, whatever the pain he have caused, i forgive him. no bitterness now, just acceptance. things just happened for a reason and still i am thankful about it.

much time has been passed by between us, but sometimes am still wondering how he is right now. hope his really doin’ fine at this moment and i only wish all the good things in him. and we could say our hi’s and hello’s then if will be seeing each other again.

.. for now i am so happy with my current and hoping it will be infinite  with my Romeo, my enchanting prince charming that make me feel loved and beautiful inside and out.

and for those who are still waiting..


(photo belongs to the rightful owner)

“soon you’ll meet your prince charming that make you feel loved and beautiful inside and out. smile! live! and be happy. and don’t forget to love yourself more ‘coz it’s the first thing you should do before loving anyone else! ♥

i think that’s all for this moment, thanks for reading.. 

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