Bittersweet Ending {Letting Him Go}

I mourned then I grieved for a bit and then after I moved on.  Oh well then, that’s life! For some reasons I chose to be quiet and not to tell more about my personal things right here like I used to be because I dunno what exactly to tell or how can I phrase it. I am not asking for you to understand but at least am trying to explain partly about it. 

Sometimes, someone comes into your life who makes you happy, brings so much color and meaning to an otherwise bland existence, but there’s no guarantee that you will be able to keep that person forever. Sometimes, things happen which are beyond our control, and no matter how we try to control the outcome, we find ourselves pulled against our will.

So yeah, Romeo and I are lovers to back to friends relationship now for a quite sometime already and we are so much happy about it. I think some are just destined to be more likely as friends rather than lovers. Then we continue our search for happiness.

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