Being at your touch

I really feel so dizzy and lazy right at this moment so blogging out my feelings maybe can soothen it. Ow! Maybe. I am fine but not totally alright. Sorry, I am quite confusing.  So, yeah! I am really lonely, I feel so cold might be because of the cold atmosphere on this four-sided wall office and i just miss him. <<cries>>. I know I always said that most of time but I just can’t ignore or avoid it. Having long distance relationship is a challenge. Dang! Forgive me if you can’t relate about it.


//photo above not mine by the way

He is 9 days away from me but I feel that he is years’ gone on my sight. I really don’t get the idea of having that feeling when you are inlove? It really drives me crazy. Though I am really been quite afraid of what future hold us. Only God knows i know. I just want to be strong whatever things lead us. So, now I am now waiting for another 16-17 days of waiting to be with him again and for me to him to touch. Moments are priceless. I just want us to be together. Sleep together under the blanket, with my hand on his chest and his arms around me. Even without talking and we could cuddle closer to feel the warmth of each other.


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