Beginning Days of 2013, here it comes, brings hope!

First of all I would like to greet everyone here a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!!! (‐^▽^‐)I am so thankful to those who chose to be a part of my last years journey. Thank you for all the memories and happiness you’ve shared to me. I am so grateful that I met you guise and sticking around! 

image2012 was been so wonderful if I were to sum up all the things that was been happening to me. Though there are a lots of ups and downs, hurts and sadness in my life but still I am so thankful about those, since those made and taught me to be stronger as ever. There are wonderful moments, blessings and smiles of last year, that I really wanna treasure and you all know that you once a part of it. So again, thank you thank you! 

Plans for 2013? (hopefully)

❂ Planning to have a romantic travel inside the country with the one I love.

❂ Learn how to drive four-wheel vehicles, I guess I need to you know.

❂ Celebrating my 25th on February.

❂ Celebrating our anniversary with my Romeo sooner.

❂ Will do more photoshoots for my portfolio and for other reasons as well.

❂ Change my theme slash layout? Hahaha!

❂ ….. Still thinking what are the things need to be done for this year. 

| (• ◡•)|

Monthly Recap (2012)

January 2012. Ow! A very busy month of work as ever and gloriously celebrating the new year of course! Nothing much happened aside of that but I am planning for  my birthday celebration at that moment. Still doubting to live the city or not. Struggling from my past relationship, I mean not emotionally but because he disturbs me anyway! I hate it! 

February 2012. MY BIRTHDAY month! It was such a very awesome one! I am turning 24 years of age that time. I celebrated my birthday 4 hours away out here in my city with my friends and my Romeo, and awkwardly keeping the relationship that we (bf) had to them (friends). It was terrific! I can’t explain the happiness I had that time. I don’t have personal blog that time yet to keep it documented but I  had a few pictures on my facebook account. 

March 2012. I officially announced and or tell to my friends that I have a boyfriend. I also told my parents about it too. Me and Romeo attended the graduation of my younger brother then. What else? We dated our official monthsary every 15th? Ahaha! He gave me a little doll and we named it “Baby Erns”. 

April 2012. I decided to introduce my Romeo to my parents and stayed in our house for days. Hahaha! I am confident that they will like him? Well, gladly they were. That was the first time that I brought my him in our house. Nerve rocking!

May 2012. The real anniv month! Actually, I never got the chance to tell them that I had this person a quite sometime already to avoid gossips because my last relationship with somebody ended not really good. 

June 2012. Decided to be active more on blogging. I already have a blog since March 2012 which is iamelishabeth but was not able to keep myself online then because I got no interest and lazy to talk with somebody there. Aahaha! Sorry for that. But yeah, gain lots of friends there. Really glad I met them of course. They made my blogging journey more fun as ever.

July 2012. I decided to make my own personal blog that moment because I saw a very nice blog out of those wonderful photoblogs here. The name of my PB was diaryofiamelishabeth and changed it to overthemoon.

August 2012. I made a decision to really separate and made a new account for my personal blog only since it was only a second or extension account of my photoblog. Then I finally named it loveelisha. Jean helped me out to tweaked for my PB theme, so thankful about till now and do more personal tweaking afterwards. My boss and his wife’s birthday month as well as there’s secret wedding event. LOLS

September 2012. My Romeo’s birthday month and he happened to celebrate it here with me instead. How sweet that leads him to deal with me that I should meet his parents by next month? Ow wow! Ahahahaha! I begin to posts actively here.

October 2012. Then I obliged to meet Romeo’s parents or family. I am really so glad that his parents never ever feel anything to me that felts me so uncomfortable. They welcomed and accommodated me wholeheartedly. We also went to his alma mater and was able to attend his class reunion. My father and mother’s birthday month. Some posts are on detail here.

November 2012. Nothing much happened really. Busy at work because it would really more busy by the next month. Other posts you can see it here.

December 2012. The busiest and grandest month of the year. No doubt about it. Preparation should be done, from work to outside of work activities. You know what I mean. Received gifts from all the unexpected persons to the sweetest and dearest ones. Thanking all that was being part of it and still thanking for those who stayed.

Hooooooo! This post is quite long! So sorry about this. I am just so grateful and thankful to God for giving me another year to spend time with my family, friends, my Romeo and to those who still be part of my journey! For all the showered blessings that I received and still be receiving!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! mwaaah! ☜(˚▽˚)☞

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