Because in everything I do, you always have a part – My Christmas with Him

Bonjour! “Because in everything I do, you always have a part. Because a loving thought of you is always in my heart. I really want to tell you just how precious you are to me. My every thought of you is as loving as can be. My heart is totally filled with things that words alone can’t say. This comes especially for you with love on Christmas Day. (sorry for the blurry pictures.) — in Dumaguete City.”

So its been awhile that I haven’t post anything about us (me and Romeo) together. Well, it is just because we are far distant apart with each other because we also lives on different islands. Then I just love to share the experience that we have on our Christmas Day, so I will be posting it right here more about it.


This would be picture-filled post of us together and having so much time being with each other! We spend our Christmas evening right here in our city Park (Freedom Park) where there are lots of Christmas decorations and for the first time they put a Carnival rides inside it. So definitely it gives really so much fun for all the people visiting the place. Though we chose not to get one of the Carnival rides still we enjoyed it! Ahahhaha! You can look on the photos, of what we are really doing on there. 

image image

Hahaha! Our camera was not SLR so we really did have that hard time to capture our jumps. We keep on jumping and jumping tell we really got the perfect timing! ⍲‿⍲ This is really tiring, I told you guys! HAHAHAH!

image image

Then we went to a house or a palace? Hahahah! Where that house was filled with Christmas decorations! The place was owned by a doctor and he always find that happiness through decorating here house with so much festive! Visitors are welcome to visit his house but of course there are fees for you to get in. Well, I guess that’s for maintenance purposes and for all the expenses. Oh well maybe. Me and Romeo are just so amaze of the place. It was our first time to visit there though I really heard about that place long ago since then.

image image

Actually these photos are just one-forth of what really happened but if you are interested to see some of the photos of our Christmas moments together you can also see it here.

Though my family was not complete on Christmas but still I am really so glad that Romeo chose to be with me on that holidays. I don’t really expect that my he was available on that day since he is really been busy always at work and he needs to prepare something and even the weather is not really good because there was a coming typhoon but how sweet he was that he really did make time to see me.

Sorry for not writing this on detail but I had really a very amazing Christmas!

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