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    Airbnb Tour | Filamor Flats

    The moment we step in Filamor Flats we instantly fell in love with the place. Like you know that feeling? Honestly, one of the best Airbnb homes we have ever stayed in and…

  • Personal, Playing Dress Up

    I Love Summer

    Summer has always been my favorite season and for me, the best season in the entire world. I know some of you could relate and be that happier as much as I…

  • Beauty

    Althea Petal Velvet Powder

    Howdy lovelies? So, I’m back with another beauty product review from – the Petal Velvet Powder.  They recently launched their first brand product and I am just so excited to try it…

  • Playing Dress Up

    Florals Azala , Just a day

    How’s everyone doing? I’m having a boring but productive week so far, just the same ordinary days with my Romeo most of the time. As you could guess from my lack of posts,…