All that has happened

I am so preoccupied these days. Oh, I mean I’ve been through physical and emotional struggle. It was maybe because of the things that made me upset and all that I can do is to keep it by myself. I have this fear inside of me and I don’t know how to spell it out. And how was my weekend so far? Waking up and laying in bed for a few hours before you finally decide to get up. HAHA

this photo is not mine so, all credits to the rightful owner

It was so funny to think about it but I am going to tell something of it. It was Saturday evening that I found that my motorcycle was lost and I am so worried of where it was. I am recalling everything from when was the last time I saw it and whose those persons was ever used it. And in my mind I thought somebody just stole it there. I felt so down and I don’t know what to do, I was crying so hard because of that lose. I went home so weak and had this extreme headache and swollen (puffy) eyes. I am not worried of having that till when I had those puffy eyes hours before my photoshoot. HAHAHA! I need to do something with it. Having eye bags was not good on that shoot. So I need cold things to put on my eyes, so what do you think I was using? I put a kitchen spoon instead. Ahahah! I guess it helps? Oh well, I will not be so detailed of what happened but our neighbor who was working on our business went to our house and help me recall about the incident of my MC. He mentioned that my boss (my brother) was the last time who used it. So I called my brother and helped him to remember and he said that he was the one who used it last time and he forget to get on that pensionne house that moment! How funny is that? I feel so really really relieved! But yeah, my body was still weak. But I need to hurry myself because I still have a photoshoot to pursue. The shoot went well and I will be posting it here pretty sooner. 

I am still not on my mood since today, my body is still weak and still balancing myself. Hopefully I am going to recover. Have a nice day everyone!

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