A Week of Tears but Blessed

These past few days have been tough for me but not really on the extreme. I mean I’ve been just so sentimental I guess and I can’t control my feelings towards it. I easily felt so irritated and by that moment all I wanna do is just to keep quiet. Yes, i really don’t like to brag and I rather choose to keep calm, though deeply inside I just want to shout it out because I am really not fine.

You know that feeling that there is just something that you are looking for and you don’t know what’s really is it? Do you find it so strange or weird? Have you experience the moment that you don’t like anything. In your life you can see (sense) yourself without any direction for awhile. You’ve seen yourself lost and nowhere to turn and leaving yourself crying without enough reason at all. Many questions that was raised on your head and you felt so bothered. Anything that discourages me just leave me quickly in tears. I never felt so really so alone and it was not like before. You hate that feeling so much and I guess there are just moment that you are left fragile. I know I am not the only one who happened to be this way and its not a crime for bearing this feeling. And you know, I miss someone out of reach and I am honestly and badly needed his touch, hugs and kisses. <<cries>>  (╥﹏╥)

image imageDays went so fast and I admit it that I can’t barely remember what went through. Uhmm. But I will tell something about what was ever been made me so happy for this days. Not really on full detail or not may elaborate them all but I will try to say something more about it. But I will tell something about what was ever been made me so happy for this days. On my surprise, my brother gave me an IPod Touch 4G as an advance Christmas gift! Yeah, I can’t describe how happy I am for having such one that I can hardly afford purchasing basing on my salary’s worth. He knows I love music and love listening it, mind as well he knows that I also sing a little bit, so the present that he has given was really really for me! I am blessed having such brother that I know I can lean on sometime. We don’t see often as of now because he was working faraway, not like the old days. Another thing that I really overly thinking about was my Christmas present to my dearest cyber friends (bloggers) that I will be given on or before the exchange gift deadline date that we agreed upon. So anything in connection with that will be posted later here! So excited honestly. Eheheh! (─‿‿─) Was been busy as well preparing my piece that I will sing on that wedding that I attended last weekend. Though there are some unplanned to occur but glad it end well. And I never forgot to extend my best wishes of the newly wed couple. 

I guess this is pretty much for today! Hope you had a great weekend and may you have awesome weekdays!  

“Even though I don’t know at times which direction I’m heading in, nor the outcome of the path life takes me on, I do know God will be there to guide me through.”

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