365 days x 2 with you

Over the years that we are together I guess I am the most demanding, sentimental, so emotional and cheesy type of girl that I am to him. I don’t know if he looks me that way or he feels that way but I think I am. For those who don’t know, we have this kind of long distance relationship and it’s really hard and to keep the feelings and trust for each other is/was really been a challenge but I am really so glad that we’ve been so strong over the years. 


Yeah! May 15, 2013, is our 2nd year anniversary and looking forward for many years to come. Its a roller coaster ride but I love it to think that I am spending it with him.

To my Romeo, "thank you for all the late night talks, inspiring words, hugs, kisses, cuddles and for being so patient and for a lot of things you’ve done for me. We know that we have a lot of things that we haven’t done together but still I am looking forward to spend it with you. I love you so much and I still have more love to give. “


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